Smash Up The Clocks

by LeonheArt

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Revolving broad synth strokes introduce a rhythmic striking guitar that sets the pace of this dark electro-beat scape.
Fragile yet rooted vocals sing of anarchic sublimated anger..that calls us to take time back..they meld into a heavy bass driven groove, hints of dub, drum and bass with a scathing guitar lead…
smashing up clocks has never seemed such a good idea...

Leonheart was inspired by factory workers protests of the 1820/ 30s. Amongst the many acts of protest, factories workers fought against the installation of clocks regulating their time and their lives.

Smash Up The Clocks is a song, video and accompanying art works from artist /musician LeonheArt and producer Tigersonic

We are chuffed to the max that smashup the clocks was selected for the top 5 fresh faves this week, it will be officially released on Cctober 30th, the day the clocks go back as a free download on and viinyl

Guitar in hand Leoncia bowled into Felix’s north London studio looking for a new producer for the fresh/latest songs she'd written. They hit it off straight away.
Felix loved the original stripped down version of Smash up the Clocks but suggested they tried a more electronic, rough version as a collaboration.
What you hear & see is the fruit of that conversation and exploration.

smashing up clocks has never seemed such a good idea…


To smash up the clocks, to reach inside and pull out the cogs,
That measure my life, and let them all spill, let them glide across the floor,
just to keep things still, for just a little while..more
I’m going to throw away my watch, so that I’m blind to,
the tender tick tocks that has my life in its noose.
Stealing my attempts to gather up and muster
so I’ll take my sweet time and my a break to cut it.
Because the hands I relied upon, won’t give me time anymore,
Because the hands I relied upon, won’t give me time anymore.
To smash up the clocks because it’s not too late,
To rescue, to resuscitate, to argue for, to demonstrate,
we need some time out for this delicate magnificence,
this delicate magnificence

Leoncia Flynn © 2016


released October 30, 2016
Artist: Writer and performer LeonheART
Production and Bass Tigersonic
Release Name: Smash up the clocks
Label: Mood Elevation Music
Release date: 30th October 2016 file under electronic /indie dance



all rights reserved



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